Overview of WildCats

Long viewed as the fundamental unifying language of mathematics, Category Theory finally becomes more concrete and approachable to a wider audience with the introduction of the WildCats Mathematica® package.
Manipulating and visualizing with ease objects, morphisms, categories, functors, natural transformations and universal properties , WildCats provides powerful and elegant new tools to represent abstract mathematical concepts.

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  • Knowledge base of 29 standard categories and several standard functors
  • User-definable categories, functors, natural transformations, universal properties, cones and other categorical  constructions
  • State-of-the-art palette interface. Easily input all defined objects and operators (coming soon)
  • Automatic publish-quality generation of commutative and non-commutative diagrams
  • Visual functorial computations: apply a functor to a diagram and see the resulting diagram
  • Visual diagram evaluation: apply a diagram to an object and see the resulting diagram
  • Fully integrated documentation with 16 tutorial notebooks
  • Requires Mathematica® 8.x
  • Completely free GPL license

Download and Installation

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