WildCats v. 0.70.0 (beta) just released

Version 0.70.0 released March 5, 2014

This is an essential and major update of WildCats.
Among the new features:
Adjunctions, Horizontal composition, Morphisms properties,
Invertible morphisms, Power functors.

Download and Installation

History: from v. 0.62.1 to v. 0.70.0

    • Id has now only the object argument. Backward non-compatible.
      Please refer to Id symbol page
    • The original tutorial “Functor Quasicategories” has been renamed
      “Functor W-categories”.
    • FinSet, FinOrd categories and inclusion functors
    • Introduction tutorial: expanded several sections
    • Adjunctions tutorial: new
    • Inside Functor W-categories tutorial
      Vertical composition section: new
      PowerFunctor section: new
    • Inside Cones and Limits tutorial
      Defining Cones section: expanded
    • Inside Functors tutorial
      Functors preserve invertible morphisms section:new
      Invertible functors section: new
      Hom functors section: redefined primed variables
    • Inside Morphisms and Composition tutorial
      Define morphisms properties section: new
      Isomorphisms and InverseMorphism section: new
    • Inside Natural transformations tutorial
      Invertible natural transformations section: new
      Horizontal composition section: new
    • InverseMorphism: implemented
    • Horizontal composition: implemented
    • PowerFunctor: implemented
    • Adjunctions related functions: implemented
    • IsoQ: implemented
    • DefMorphismProperties: implemented
    • MonoQ, StrongMonoQ, ExtremeMonoQ: partially implemented
    • EpiQ, StrongEpiQ, ExtremeEpiQ: partially implemented