WildCats v. 0.62.0 (beta) just released

Version 0.62.0 released Apr 15, 2013

This is an essential and major update of WildCats.
Isomorphisms, Yoneda lemma and finite sets are among the new features

Download and Installation

History: from v. 0.60.0 to v. 0.62.0

  • In WildCats Guide there is an index of tutorial sections
  • The default context of every tutorial is Global again.
  • DefObject, ObjectQ, SetQ and MorphismQ accept multiple arguments
  • Isomorphisms defined: documentation not yet ready
  • Yoneda lemma implemented: documentation not yet ready
  • Finite sets are implemented
  • The empty set is now FiniteSet[] internally
  • ObjectQ and SetQ now accept lists of objects
  • Numerical quantities are now sets
  • Now in Objects[Set]:
  • U[Cat,Set] defined, giving the objects of a small category
  • Grph category:
    Clarification that these are small multi-graphs
    Added Initial and terminal objects: Grph\emptyset and Grph1
    Added GrphSingleton
  • Symbol changes:
    Cat1Singleton has been replaced with Cat1Object
    OP has been replaced with OPP. The superscript form stays the same C^{OP} though
    Cat2 (category) has been replaced with 2
  • Inside Standard Categories tutorial
    Defining elements of a set section: vastly improved
    Numbers are sets section: new
    Finite sets section: new
  • Inside Functors tutorial
    Fixed some category plots