All roads lead to Rome

All roads lead to Rome WildCats

Did you know that people can easily find this website by simply typing one or two obvious search terms?

Using Google, any of the following search terms combinations link multiple times – directly or indirectly, but explicitly – to the WildCats Site within the first 10 search results

    category mathematica
    universal properties mathematica
    functors mathematica
    natural transformation mathematica
    category theory wildcats
    functors wildcats

While if you type

    categories wildcats


    category wildcats

basketball and hockey teams steal the stage and the WildCats site appear in 17th or 18th place.

This is not bad, considering that no advanced search engine optimization techniques have been used to improve WildCats search ranking.


WildCats v. 0.60.0 (beta) just released

Version 0.60.0 released Dec 26, 2012

This is an essential and major update of WildCats.
Comma categories, Cones and Yoneda functors are among the new features.

Download and Installation

History: from v. 0.55.0 to v. 0.60.0

  • NT now passes non Op expressions unchanged
  • Opposite (dual) functors
  • Naturals expanded
  • Added 3 tutorials:
    Comma categories
    Cones and Limits
    Yoneda and Coyoneda functors
  • ConePlot
  • Comma categories
  • Inside Natural Transformations tutorial
    Displaying natural transformations section: new
    NTPlot using graph examples
  • Inside Standard Categories tutorial
    Defining elements of a set section: new
  • Inside Functors tutorial
    Automatic Usage messaages for user-defined functors
    DiscreteCategory section: expanded
    Diagonal functors section: new
    Opposite (dual) functors section: new
  • Inside Defining and Modifying Categories tutorial
    Automatic Usage messaages for user-defined categories
  • Inside Natural Transformations tutorial
    New NT functionality described