WildCats v. 0.50.0 (beta) just released

Version 0.50.0 was released May 10, 2012

This is major update of WildCats

History: from v. 0.40 to v. 0.50

  • New Splash screen
  • Universal properties (started)
  • functions as sets
  • Yoneda amd CoYoneda (started)
  • Patterns in Objects
  • Category FinOrd
  • Reduced initial message
  • Documentation center: created Guide, Tutorials, Symbol pages
  • FinOrd[n], FiniteGroup
  • Functor categories
  • Natural transformation Id and Op with components
  • Functors via DefObject and Natural transformations via DefMorphism
  • The functor U : Metc  -> Top
  • PowerSet and CoPowerSet functors
  • OP@OP
  • Properties has been replaced by CatProperties, to be compatible with MMA v. 8.x
  • Small and SmallQ have been replaced by SmallCat and SmallCatQ, to be compatible with MMA v. 6.x